Class Cleanup and Fun Day

Tomorrow, we will be cleaning out desks and the classroom in general. Most of the material in their desks will be going home tomorrow, so students need to remember to have there kitbags and maybe some extra bags if they have a lot of stuff in their desks.

On Friday, the grade 6 students will participate in their fun day. They can bring a snack for the walk down to Murphy’s Community Center, but they will not need a lunch as it will be provided. They can also bring in their favorite electronic device for our tech time in the afternoon. Any students that have not yet passed in their permission slip for the trip to the bowling alley must bring it in tomorrow. Grade 5 students will have regular classes in the morning, but then they can join the grade 6 students for the tech time portion of the day in the afternoon.

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Math Assessment

Grade 6 Math –  just a reminder concerning the Grade 6 Elementary Mathematics Assessment which will commence this Wednesday, June 6th. The assessment will be carried out over two days with the other day being Thursday, June 7th. We have been reviewing material in preparation for the assessment in class for the past few weeks.

Students should be encouraged at home to put forth their best effort as this assessment attempts to provide a snapshot of student proficiency in mathematics at the end of grade 6. I am quite confident that the class is well-prepared. At home, please emphasize with your child the importance of working carefully and taking time to do their best work.

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Field Trip & Health Unit

Field Trip – We will be taking our field trip to the Tracadie Watershed this coming Thursday. It is supposed to be a beautiful day, so we are looking forward to that. Please send in $2 to offset the cost of the bus if you haven’t already done so.

Health – The grade 6 human sexuality health unit will be carried out on June 11th, 12th, and 13th. We wanted to wait until the grade 6 math assessment was completed, and it will be next week on June 6th and June 7th.

Speaking of the math assessment, we are only a week away now, and review sheets went home with students that did not complete them in class. Please check with your child.

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Field Trip, Health, Food Orders

Field Trip – Next week, our classes will be going out to the Tracadie Watershed on the Blooming Point Road. While there, we will be planting trees, and students will also see demonstrations about surrounding wildlife and the water cycle. They will participate in a scavenger hunt, have a picnic lunch and complete a shoreline cleanup. We will be making this field trip with the grade 4/5 class on Thursday, May 31st. The bus will leave at 9 AM and we will be back at the school by 2 PM. Students are asked to bring in $2 to offset the cost of bussing. Students have a notice concerning this field trip that they were to bring home today

Health – Grade 6 students also have a notice regarding the health unit on human sexuality. There is a permission slip that we need signed in order for your child to participate. Information on the material to be covered is included on the notice that was sent home today. The unit will begin next week, so we need the permission slips back by this Friday, May 25th.

Food Orders – Also, as you may be aware, this week is the last week for ordering food in school. The Hot Lunches program will begin next week, and all food for the week has to be ordered online. You can find a link on the school webpage ( Here’s the link > . You just need to register, place your order and send in the money on Monday. As this is a trial period, you cannot pay online at this time.

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Language Arts & Math Updates

Language Arts – I sent home heritage fair projects a week or so ago with final marks for the written projects. Check with your child for their results. Also, we have finished the first round of the Elementary Language Arts (ELA) assessment today. Grade 6 students have completed 2 comprehension activities, and many have finished the rough copy of their writing sample. Next week, we will finish the assessment with comprehension activities taking place on Tuesday, May 22nd and Wednesday, May 23rd. They will then finish the good copy of their writing sample on Thursday, May 24th. The grade 5 students have completed comprehension activities in class also during the grade 6 assessment.

Math Grade 6 – We are continuing to prepare for the math assessment which will be held Wednesday, June 6th and Thursday, June 7th. To date, we have reviewed concepts in place value, fractions, ratios, percent, factors, multiples, prime and composite numbers. It is very important that students attend regularly in these final few weeks so they can benefit from this comprehensive review.

Currently in class, we are studying transformations, and by the end of the month, we will have completed all the outcomes included in the grade 6 math curriculum.

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Math, Language Arts Assessment

Math Grade 6 – Students may have review sheets on factors and multiples that they need to complete for tomorrow in preparation for the grade 6 math assessment on June 6th and 7th.

Language Arts – Students also have a notice that needs to be signed and brought back regarding the grade 6 language arts assessment that begins next week.


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Math Grade 6 – Students are to finish review sheets on place value in preparation for the June math assessment. Throughout this entire month, I will be carrying out a comprehensive review with the students in order to prepare them for the grade 6 math assessment. From time to time, you may see sheets coming home that were unfinished in class. It is important that the students keep up with the work so they can gain the most from the review.

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