Language Arts Overview,Science

02 Nov

Science – Students have a second quiz on the human body systems. They are strongly encouraged to read over their review sheets for this assessment as it is the second time students will be quizzed on this material. Ms. MacDougall is allowing the class to retake the quiz after many of the results on the first test demonstrated a lack of preparation.

Language Arts – We are almost finished of the novel Gramma War. This week, we have also begun our Remembrance activies as students are learning primarily about Canada’s involvement in both world wars. If time permits, we will also be discussing the Korean War and some peacekeeping operations. Our class will also be responsible for organizing and running the school Remembrance assembly next Wednesday, Nov. 9th. I also returned student scores on a comprehension assessment that was done last week on a fiction text. They will be completing another one on a non-fiction text next week

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