17 Jan

Math Grade 6 – Students are to finish 2 duotang sheets entitled “Perimeter of Polygons” and “Area of a Rectangle”. We will be having a quiz soon on measuring and drawing angles, perimeter, area and volume.

Two of the eight foundational learning for grade 6 are being studied in this unit. These 2 are: 1) area, perimeter, and volume and 2) measuring and drawing angles.  We will have covered 6 of the 8 foundation learnings for grade 6 to date. The other 4 that have been studied already are: 1) multiplying and dividing decimals, 2) integers, 3) ordering, representing and comparing mixed numbers and improper fractions, and 4) factors, multiples, prime and composite numbers. At the end of February, we will begin a series of monthly practice quizzes in preparation for the grade 6 math assessment in June.

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