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Math Grade 6 – Students have a sheet to finish on balancing equations. This coming Friday, they will have a quiz on order of operations, balancing equations and problem solving.

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Math, Language Arts Update

Math Grade 6 – Students are to complete 2 sheets in their duotangs entitled “Numbers all Around Us” and “Order of Operations”

Math Grade 5 – Students are to complete a sheet entitled “Using a Variable to Describe a Pattern”

Language Arts – Today we began reviewing the necessary criteria for an effective persuasive essay. This persuasive piece will be one of the writing assignments that will be formally marked this term. Guided reading will begin next week to work on comprehension strategies in a  small group setting.

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Math, Language Arts Overview

Math Grade 5 – Students are to complete a sheet entitled “Number Patterns and Pattern Rules”.

Math Grade 6 – Students are to finish exercises 1-4 on pages 52/53. If they wish they can work ahead and complete 5 and 6 as well.

Language Arts – With regards to reading comprehension we have just finish a book entitled “Ryan and Jimmy and the Well in Africa that Brought them Together”. It’s a story about a Canadian boy named Ryan Hreljac and his quest to provide clean drinking water for a village in Uganda. When he visits this African country, he meets his pen pal Akana Jimmy and they become the best of friends. When Jimmy’s life was in danger, Ryan’s family was able to bring  Jimmy to Canada where he became part of Ryan’s family. Many interesting discussions took place in class on how we take something so simple like clean water for granted and the struggles that many children face in less fortunate countries. Also, students have their marks from reading comprehension activities from the novel “Bridge to Terabithia” as they were emailed to their Gmail account. They also did a self-evaluation on their main idea comic strip from the novel that they developed in Pixton. I’ll have my marks for students on there by the end of the week. I invite you to have the students log into both Pixton and their Google account so you can view their results. Guided reading groups will start up again after the March Break and this will give me the opportunity to support students’ understanding on a variety of topics in small groups.

In writing, students are finishing their eighth journal post this week. After the March Break, we will be taking a closer look at persuasive writing, and  they will be developing their first piece of writing for the third term that I will formally mark.

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Math, Math Overview

Math Grade 5 – Students are to finish exercises 1 & 2 on page 11.

Math Grade 6 – Students are to complete sheet on order of operations and finish exercises 9 & 10 on page 73.

Grade 5 –  In the grade 5 math program, we’ve just completed a unit on classifying and identifying quadrilaterals along with exploring measurement with milliliters and liters. Students were given test results back today. We have started a unit on patterns and equations and will be continuing this unit when we return from the break. This unit will focus on a foundational learning outcome that deals with solving single variable one-step equations.

Grade 6 – In the grade 6 math program, we recently completed a unit on input/output tables and creating single variable equations for these tables. We have also worked on graphing these tables and the marks students achieved on the unit test were viewed at the parent-teacher conferences. This unit dealt with two foundational outcomes: graphing collected data and analyzing graphs and representing and describing patterns using graphs and table. We have just started a short unit on balancing equations and order of operations. We will be having a quiz on this material shortly after returning from March Break. We have also completed our first of 4 practice quizzes for the grade 6 math assessment that will be held in June. Much of the previous material is now being revisited in class and a more concentrated review will take place during the month of May.

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Math Grade 5 – Students are to complete two sheets in their math duotangs. One is called “Investigating Quadrilaterals” and the other is “Other Attributes of Quadrilaterals”.

Math Grade 6 – Students have a quiz tomorrow on patterns in tables and graphing. I encouraged the students to take their math duotangs home to look the material over.

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Math Grade 6 – Students have two sheets to complete entitled “Interpreting Graphs” and “Drawing Graphs”. They will be having a quiz on Friday on input/output tables, coordinate grids and creating graphs from a table.

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