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Language Arts/ Math Update

Just dropping a note to get everyone up to speed on what’s happening in class.

Math Grade 5 – Students will have a test on Thursday on  “Patterns and Equations”. We are in the process of correcting exercises from the duotang sheets, and I’ll begin a  unit review tomorrow. Included in this test is the foundational outcome of solving single-variable one-step equations.

Math Grade 6 – Students will have a test on Thursday on order of operations, balancing equations, drawing triangles and quadrilaterals and solving for missing angles for both types of polygons.

Language Arts – We have been working on a new novel study this past week. The novel is “The Great Gilly Hopkins” and students have been working on comprehension activities along with investigating how authors use certain parts of speech and figurative language. In writing, students are working to complete persuasive essays and they will be marked and sent home once everyone has submitted their work.

A note also went home today concerning fundraising activities that will be occurring at the school this week for Easter Seals.

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