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Language Arts, Field Trip

Writing – Most students should have the rough copy of their memoir completed for tomorrow. If they haven’t finished it yet, they should have their blue writing duotang with them to work on it this evening.

Reading – Students took home their reading comprehension duotangs (green) tonight as they have a story to read and a few questions to answer.

Students should also have a permission slip for a field trip to Robinson’s Island on Tuesday, October 3rd. We will be gone for most of the day. It will be low tide at that time, and we’ve been studying tides in our space unit. We will also be looking at ecosystems in the surrounding area and walking the trails. Please have them bring the slip back as soon as possible.

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Language Arts

Writing – Most students will continue to work on their memoirs that they began last night. The rough copy is due this Friday. Right now, students should have their introduction completed.  Now, they should be getting into more detail about their special memory.

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Math, Language Arts

Math Grade 6 – Students have a quiz on place value of whole numbers, decimals and integers.  I suggested they take home their math duotangs to check over the material.

Language Arts (Writing) – I have assigned the first formal piece of writing that I’ll be marking for the first term. Students are going to be creating a memoir which is a personal recount of something very special that has happened in their lives. The rough copy is to be completed by this Friday (2 pages single-spaced or 4 pages double-spaced), and we’ll work on the good copy next week.

Tonight, they are responsible for writing an opening paragraph for their piece that tells who, what, when where and why. They should also try to write an opening sentence that grabs the reader’s attention. If they wish to write more, they are welcome to do so.

Tonight is the first home & school meeting of the year. The meeting begins at 6:30PM, and all are welcome to attend.

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Math, Language Arts

Grade 6 Math – Students have to finish exercises 1, 3, 4, 5,6, 7, and 8 on page 61. Also, there may be some students that need to fix mistakes in their red duotangs so check with your child. We will be having a quiz on place value of decimals and whole numbers along with integers on Wednesday.

Language  Arts (Writing) –  Students have now finished two journal posts for me, and I’ve given them feedback on each one. Feel free to check out their work in Google Classroom under Writing.

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Math, Language Arts

Grade 6 Math – All sheets in red math sheets duotang need to be completed. Our unit on place value of decimals, whole numbers and integers is now finished. I’ll be reviewing the unit next week for a quiz on Wednesday.

Language Arts – Students took home a green reading duotang today with a reading comprehension assessment passage. These stories are used to strengthen comprehension skills, specifically in the areas of literal, inferential and evaluative questioning. It’ll come home once a week, and parents can support their child by rephrasing questions and assisting with vocabulary. However, the more students do independently, the more progress they’ll make.

Pizza orders due tomorrow!

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Math, Language Arts, Science

Grade 6 Math – Students are to complete exercises 1-5 on page 80 and exercises 7, 9, and 10 on page 81.

Language Arts – We are just passing the halfway point of our novel “Run” which chronicles a fictional interaction between Terry Fox and Doug Alward with a fictional newspaper reporter, Winston MacDonald, and his son, Winston Jr. This book has initiated some great discussion on the legacy of Terry Fox, and students have been answering questions in class on the material we have covered in the novel.

Science – The slideshow in the science Google Classroom has been fully updated. If your child has missed time, they can get caught up on the notes they missed simply by accessing the slideshow at home. If there is no internet access, they will have to see me for the information.


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Math, Language Arts

Grade 6 Math –  Students have sheets to complete in their red duotangs. By Wednesday, I hope to have the entire class working together as we’ve had some absences and allocations for extra time for completion of some of these sheets.

We have covered place value of whole numbers to billions and recently finished place values for decimals to the millionths. The final concept we’ll be covering in this unit is integers which we started today. We’ll probably have our first math quiz the middle of next week.

Language Arts – We started our second journal entry entitled Words of Wisdom #2 which has now been posted in the Google writing classroom.  I’d encourage you to check out your child’s work throughout the year. They are also welcome to work on these at home as they are due by the end of the day on Wednesday of each week.

Chicken poppers were ordered today for Tuesday. Subway orders are due tomorrow. If your child wants a sub, they are 3.50 and can be ordered on Tuesday morning for delivery on Wednesday at lunch.

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