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Report Cards, Christmas Concert

First term report cards have gone home with your child today. Inside there should be a slip to fill out saying that you saw the report card.  Please have your child bring the slip back to me. If for some reason there was no slip in the envelope, just drop me an email or write a note to say that you saw it. Thanks!

Notices also went home today with information regarding the grade 3/6 Christmas concert. Please check with your child for this.

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Language Arts, Social Studies, Math

Language Arts – Some students need to complete vocabulary sheets on the novel “Hatchet”. They need to be finished by tomorrow.

Social Studies – Chapter 1 definitions and questions have to be completed. Students should have most of this finished already.

Math Grade 6 – All sheets in the red duotang need to be finished for tomorrow.

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Math, Social Studies

Math Grade 6 – Students received their quizzes on operations with decimals. I’d like them signed and brought back tomorrow. Also, some students may have sheets to complete in their red duotangs so check with your child.

Social Studies – Some students need to get caught up with vocabulary words and questions for chapter one. Check with your child at home to see if they fall into this category as I will be checking these tomorrow.

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Language Arts, Social Studies

Language Arts – Students have a comprehension activity to complete on ReadWorks for tomorrow.

Social Studies – Students need to have all vocabulary words and questions completed for Wednesday. The vocabulary words and questions can be found in the social studies Google classroom.

Don’t forget Subway orders for tomorrow!

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Language Arts, Math Overview

Language Arts – Students are to have the rough copy of their persuasive essay completed for tomorrow as they will begin to work on their good copy in class tomorrow afternoon.

Math Grade 6 – Students just completed a unit on adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing decimals last week. The quizzes on this unit will be returned to them on Monday.

To date, the students have covered 3 of the 8 foundational learnings in the grade 6 math curriculum from the three units of study we’ve completed. We are currently working on developing an understanding of mixed numbers and improper fractions and how fractions relate to decimals and percentage.

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Language Arts

Writing – Students were given a writing assignment today that I will be formally marking. They have to create a persuasive essay, and they have three options to choose from.  Along with these three options, they have an example of a persuasive piece of writing in their writing duotang. They also have a checklist to make sure they are including the necessary details.

The rough copy is due this Friday, so they have three days to complete this. This rough copy will not be worked on in class, so students need to manage their time at home to ensure it is finished by Friday.

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Math, Language Arts

Math Grade 6 – Students have to finish sheets in duotang on mixed numbers and improper fractions.

Language Arts – Students have a reading comprehension activity to complete in ReadWorks.

Also, I’d like to thank those parents that attended the parent/teacher conferences. I always enjoy conveying the progress of the students, and I hope you found this to be a valuable experience as well.

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