Social Studies, Math, Language Arts

18 Apr

Social Studies – Students need to finish a handout on Christianity. We are currently studying the Middle East and are learning about the origins of three religious beliefs from that area: Islam, Christianity and Judaism.

Math – We have just finished a short unit on order of operations and balancing equations. We are now classifying triangles by side length and angle size. Students that were present today received their marks for a test on patterns and equations that was done before March Break. Check with your child, and these tests will come home for a signature once everyone completes it.

Language Arts – We have started a new novel, Tuck Everlasting, which is about a family who drinks from a spring and is granted everlasting life. I am also in the process of marking the heritage fair written reports, and they will be returned next week. The heritage fair research paper is one of three pieces of writing that I will be formally marking during this last term.

The Easter Seals ambassador, Brayden White, visited the school today. Because the school raised $500, Ms. Hufnagel, Mr. MacDonald and Ms. Beals were all pied much to the delight of the student body.

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