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Language Arts & Math Updates

Language Arts – I sent home heritage fair projects a week or so ago with final marks for the written projects. Check with your child for their results. Also, we have finished the first round of the Elementary Language Arts (ELA) assessment today. Grade 6 students have completed 2 comprehension activities, and many have finished the rough copy of their writing sample. Next week, we will finish the assessment with comprehension activities taking place on Tuesday, May 22nd and Wednesday, May 23rd. They will then finish the good copy of their writing sample on Thursday, May 24th. The grade 5 students have completed comprehension activities in class also during the grade 6 assessment.

Math Grade 6 – We are continuing to prepare for the math assessment which will be held Wednesday, June 6th and Thursday, June 7th. To date, we have reviewed concepts in place value, fractions, ratios, percent, factors, multiples, prime and composite numbers. It is very important that students attend regularly in these final few weeks so they can benefit from this comprehensive review.

Currently in class, we are studying transformations, and by the end of the month, we will have completed all the outcomes included in the grade 6 math curriculum.

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