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Math, Language Arts Overview

Math Grade 6 – Students are to complete exercises 1, 3 and 4 on page 48.

Peer Helping – Application forms for peer helping went home with the grade 6 students that wish to be involved in peer helping this year. I’d like those forms returned by Friday, September 14th.

Language Arts

Writing – Students are currently working on an “All About Me” slide show so I have an opportunity to learn more about them. We will also begin journal writing this week. Each month, students will complete a specific piece of writing that I will formally mark. More information on these assignments will follow later.

Reading – We are studying a read aloud on the five kingdoms of living things as I’m sharing a book entitled “Tree of Life – The Incredible Biodiversity of Life on Earth”. This also links to our science unit – Diversity of Living Things. Students are making notes about important facts presented in this book and will incorporate these in an assignment that we will work on once the book is completed. We are also looking at the three areas of comprehension: literal, inferential and evaluative questioning.

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