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Math, Language Arts

Math Grade 6 – Tomorrow we will be having our first class quiz. The material on the test will cover place value of whole numbers and decimals along with comparing and ordering integers. I strongly encouraged students to take their yellow math duotangs home just to reacquaint themselves with the concepts we covered. We did a review today in class and I gave them a mini quiz on the types of questions they will see on the quiz.

Language Arts (writing) – Students were to submit their second journal post of the year today. Some students have an opportunity to finish tomorrow during independent reading, but I told the students the importance of meeting deadlines as journal is almost always due at the end of the school day on Wednesdays. The Chromebooks are an ideal way for me to keep an eye on their writing, but they do also come with distractions. I mentioned to students that if work isn’t getting done in a timely manner, we might have to come up with alternatives in order to get the work done (taking away earphone privileges or doing their work on paper). Please check with your child on how they are managing with the expectations so far.

Some students took more chocolate bars out today. Please have your child get bars back to school as soon as possible if they cannot sell them. Remember there are no classes this Friday.

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