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Math, Language Arts

Math Grade 6 – Students need to finish a sheet on adding and subtracting decimals.

Language arts (writing) – We have started a unit of study on persuasive writing. Students need to complete a graphic organizer for a persuasive essay we discussed in class.

Just a note on Halloween activities tomorrow. Students are not to come to school in costume. They will be given time at noon to change into their costume. No weapons or violent accessories are permitted. We will be enjoying some Halloween stations set up by the peer helpers in the afternoon.

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Math, Social Studies

Math Grade 6 –  Today we started a new unit on adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing decimals. We will also work on estimation strategies with decimals. Students were given a sheet on adding and subtracting decimals and both sides of the sheet are to be done by Wednesday.

Social Studies-We began our Remembrance unit today as we will begin with the First World War and the origin of the symbol of the poppy. Most of the students passed in their vertebrate projects, and science will resume again in the New Year.


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Language Arts, Science

Language Arts (Reading) – We finished our novel Bridge to Terabithia and to celebrate all our hard work on the novel, I will be showing the movie based on the novel tomorrow. Students have received results from comprehension activities from chapters 9 and 11, so you might want to check in with them.

Science – Students have been working hard on their multimedia posters for their vertebrate project, and tomorrow is the last day they will have in class to complete it. Next week, we will begin our first social studies unit and we will be working on social studies until the New Year. If students do not finish the project by the end of the day tomorrow, they can finish it at home over the weekend. Any students that have not finished it by Monday will have to stay in during recess next week until it’s completed.

Also, the school will be hosting a fundraiser for the Autism Society tomorrow. Students and staff are encouraged to bring a loonie or toonie and wear their clothes inside out or backwards.

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Math, HPV Vaccine

Math Grade 6 – Students need to finish a sheet on multiples and factors.

For those grade 6 students that indicated that they would like to receive the HPV vaccine, just a reminder that the first dose of the HPV vaccine will be administered tomorrow afternoon at 1:30PM.

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Math, HPV Vaccine, School Pictures

Math Grade 6 – Students will be having a quiz on factors, multiples, prime and composite numbers this coming Thursday. They should be looking over their multiplication tables in preparation for the quiz if they are unsure of them.

HPV Vaccine – The first dose of the HPV vaccine will be given on Wednesday at 1:30 PM.

School Pictures – School photos will be taken tomorrow.

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Math Grade 6 – Students are to have 2 sheets completed in their duotang. One is entitled “Investigating Factors” and the other is “Exploring Multiples”.


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Language Arts, Field Trip

Language Arts (reading) – Results from the comprehension activities from chapter 7 of the novel were returned to the students today. Check with them on their progress. We have also been looking at adverbs, synonyms and defining challenging words in our novel word work.

Field Trip – We will be going to Robinson’s Island tomorrow. Please make sure students are dressed appropriately and have enough to eat as we will be hiking through the trails.

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