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04 Oct

Math Grade 6 – Students are to finish exercises 1-4 on page 55. They also received their marks today from their quiz on place value and integers. The quizzes will come home on Tuesday for a signature from parents. I try to have a class quiz every three weeks to keep the material fresh in their minds.

Science – We finished our book Tree of Life – The Incredible Biodiversity of Life on Earth, and now, students will be doing a project on a species from their assigned vertebrate group. Students have to come tomorrow with the name of the species that they will do their project on, so check with them tonight to see which vertebrate group they were given.

They will research the animal, writing out a rough copy of the information they find, and then they will be creating an online multimedia poster on Glogster > which I will formally mark. It’ll be the first writing project of the term that I will grade, and students have a rubric of the expectations in four areas: content, organization, conventions, and graphics. This sheet also includes questions they must answer in their research. The work on the rough copy will begin next week in class, and it should be completed by next Friday, October 12th. Some students asked if they could work on it over the weekend and they are welcome to do so if they wish.

Please return the field trip forms for Robinson’s Island as soon as possible.

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