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Social Studies, Math

Social Studies – Students have to answer 5 questions from pages 4 and 5 in the textbook.

Math Grade 6 – Students are to complete exercises 1-4 on page

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Math Grade 6 – We have started a new unit on improper fractions and mixed numbers. These concepts are very important as they are foundational learnings in the grade 6 math curriculum. Along with recognizing the relationship between improper fractions and mixed numbers, we will be comparing fractions, recognizing equivalent fractions, creating ratios and learning how fractions are related to decimals and percentages. Students are to complete exercises 1-4 on page 164. Some students also received their results on the quiz they completed this week. Check with them on this, and I’ll send home the quiz once everyone writes it.

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Language Arts

Language Arts (writing) – Students received their scores for their persuasive essay. They will be taking home a copy of their essays with them tonight. It is not necessary to return them as I have the essays in Google classroom. I was very pleased with the overall effort by the class. This was the last piece of writing that I used for their first term report card. Their writing mark was generated by using four completed journal posts,  the vertebrate project and the persuasive assignment. We have started the first piece of writing that will go towards next term’s mark for writing. It is a journal post, and students are aware that there will be higher expectations with regards to quantity and quality of their work.

Language Arts (reading) – We are now about one-third of the way through our second class read aloud of the year, Number the Stars. I will be basing some of their reading comprehension mark on the activities associated with this book. We will focus more on literary tools and techniques (mood, character development, plot, conflict, climax, point of view etc.) rather than comprehension tasks. Having said that, students did answer some comprehension questions on the fifth chapter of the book and they will receive those results tomorrow.

Just a reminder concerning the Christmas concert for grades 3/4 -6 tomorrow evening at 6:30. Doors open at 6 PM.

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Report Cards, Math

Math Grade 6 – Tomorrow we will be having a quiz on adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing decimals. Most students will be writing it, but a few will write it later in the week when they are ready to do it. The students not writing tomorrow know who they are as it was discussed in class today.

Report cards went home with your child today. Parent/teacher conferences that have been postponed the last two Thursdays will be held this coming Thursday, December 6th. I sent an email out to parents who are affected by these cancellations.

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