Social Studies, Math, Language Arts

Social Studies – Students need to finish a handout on Christianity. We are currently studying the Middle East and are learning about the origins of three religious beliefs from that area: Islam, Christianity and Judaism.

Math – We have just finished a short unit on order of operations and balancing equations. We are now classifying triangles by side length and angle size. Students that were present today received their marks for a test on patterns and equations that was done before March Break. Check with your child, and these tests will come home for a signature once everyone completes it.

Language Arts – We have started a new novel, Tuck Everlasting, which is about a family who drinks from a spring and is granted everlasting life. I am also in the process of marking the heritage fair written reports, and they will be returned next week. The heritage fair research paper is one of three pieces of writing that I will be formally marking during this last term.

The Easter Seals ambassador, Brayden White, visited the school today. Because the school raised $500, Ms. Hufnagel, Mr. MacDonald and Ms. Beals were all pied much to the delight of the student body.

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Math, Science, Band Orientation

Math Grade 6 – Students are to complete two sheets in their red duotangs on order of operations for Wednesday.

Science – We will be having a science quiz on electricity on Thursday. Students should have their review sheets to study to prepare for this quiz.

Band  Orientation – The grade 6 students attended a band concert today at Stonepark. It was an opportunity for our students to see what is involved if they wish to apply to the band program at Stonepark. Some students took applications home today but some did not. Check with your child to see if they are interested as the applications have to be returned to me by Friday, April 20th.

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Heritage Fair, Science, Band Concert

Heritage Fair – Well, the day will be soon upon us, and I look forward to viewing the finished projects tomorrow during our heritage fair.  Students must have their completed backboards and written projects here first thing in the morning if they haven’t taken them in already. Students will be judged in the morning and winners will be announced on Monday. Our school can send 4 projects to the provincial fair. Make sure your child leaves their project intact until the winners are revealed.

We are also having an open house for the other classes and parents who may like to see the projects. The open house will be from 1:00-2:00 pm Friday afternoon. We’d like all projects to leave the school on Friday after the fair.

Science – We will be having that quiz that was postponed before the break later next week. If you could ensure your child knows where the review sheet is, that would be great. Each child received one before the break.

Stonepark Band – We will be traveling to Stonepark Monday morning to hear the school band. Since Parkdale is now a feeder school for Stonepark, this will give students more insight into what is involved in the band program. Even if your child is not attending Stonepark in the fall, all grade 6 students will be going over to hear the band play.

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Math, Heritage Fair

Math Grade 6 – Students have a quiz tomorrow on patterns and equations. They were reminded today to take their math duotangs home to look things over. We have been reviewing the concepts in this unit for the past two days to prepare.

We will be visited by Maritime Electric tomorrow afternoon as they will be coming in to give a presentation on electrical safety.

Some students are still typing out the rough copy of their heritage fair project. The deadline for this is this Friday or they will have to finish this over the March Break. Please check with your child on their progress. They should also be working on their backboard at home as well.

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Math, Science

Grade 6 Math – All duotang sheets are to be completed for tomorrow in preparation for a quiz next week.

Science – The science review for electricity has to be finished for tomorrow. There will be a quiz on this unit next week.

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Math, Science, Heritage Fair, Healthy Me

Math Grade 6  – Students are working to complete duotang sheets, and these must be finished by this Friday. We will be having a test next week on patterns, equations and graphing.

Science – Students are currently working to finish a review sheet on our unit on electricity. This needs to be completed by this Friday as well. We will be having a test next week on this unit.

Heritage Fair – At this point, students are writing out their rough copy from their research notes. I’d like all students to have their rough copy finished by the end of the day this Friday, so please check in with your child on their progress. Also, if they haven’t picked up a backboard yet, they should do that by this weekend.

Also, we will be having our second class of the “Healthy Me” program tomorrow. This program is offered by the Charlottetown Police Services. Cst. Markum Long is instructing the course, and included in the subject material is internet safety and warnings of the dangers of drugs and alcohol. He will probably make 2 or 3 more visits after the March Break to complete the course. The students really enjoy this positive interaction with a member of the police department.

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Heritage Fair

Heritage Fair –  Tomorrow, I’d like to wind up the research portion of the project so students can begin writing their rough copy next week. They have asked themselves 6 questions (who, what, when, where, why and how) on their topics, and they based their research on finding the answers to those questions. Some students have been taking their writing duotangs home so check with your child on their progress. I’ve been very impressed with the class on their efforts so far.  I’ll keep you informed of other important checkpoints as we move towards the March Break.

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